Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is a Wednesday that feels like a Thursday.  I am listening to Christmas music at work, more specifically the soundtrack from my hometown theater company's production of "A Christmas Carol".  They have a traveling caravan that is visiting Baltimore on Sunday, and I am super excited to have bought tickets for this very show.  It will be a little taste of my hometown right here!

I painted my nails this morning for tomorrow's holiday party.  They are glittery and sparkly and rather entrancing to me!  I found adorable, awesome new earrings to wear with my ensemble, and I can't wait to wear them.  I am indecisive about tights/hose versus bare legs for the event, and will likely decide tomorrow evening when I don my dress!  This morning I'm going to make an appointment for a blowout, and then all I have to do is wait.  :-)

Tonight should be a good night, nonetheless.  I need to get a good workout at the gym, do a load of laundry, watch Survivor (yes, it's true) and do a few random primping things.  Last night I had a session with my trainer.  It was outside on a field at a local high school.  It involved multiple stair runnings, sprints and various exercises in between.  It was truly a challenging workout, but I remain impressed that I can even do sprints at all. 

I have to say that I'm getting pretty excited to go home for the holidays.  I'll only be in town from later on Saturday evening, December 22 until very early December 26, but I know I will pack all sorts of goodness into those few days.  :-)  I'm hoping to get a chance to catch up with my girlfriends while I'm in town, even if I have to do it separately to accommodate schedules!  There will also be cookie baking with my family, Christmas Eve at my grandfather's with my mom and stepdad, and Christmas Day with the same group plus my brother and his fiancee.  I'll be spending Saturday night at my brother's house so I foresee a Christmas toast (probably), a Christmas movie (definitely) and generalized silliness on the horizon. 

I have a lot to do next week to prepare since I haven't done much holiday shopping yet.  However, my list is small and easy, so I imagine I can get it done in about an hour online when I'm ready.  ;-)  I have a feeling next week at work is going to feel very long because of the anticipation!


  1. I vote for black hose - if black works. It's sexier and will probably make you feel even sexier ie: you'll be beating off the creeps with a stick. Have fun! Your christmas sounds like its going to be awesome.

    1. Unfortunately my friend at work who saw the dress says she thinks I may have to go bare based on the dress and shoes. Bah! I'm holding out hope I can make it work somehow without having to switch shoes, as I love the shoes I have planned!

      Yes, I'm super excited for Christmas and everything that comes with it. :)

    2. ahh no! Well after black hose, I'd say go bare but you might be a little cold going from apartment to party.