Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dubious flattery

Is it wrong to feel secretly flattered by tactless men who check you out with no semblance of decorum?  It made me feel better because the pair were actually quite normal looking, not dirty nor scary seeming.  Just a couple of fellows on a bus bench who swiveled their heads at me this morning as I deboarded the bus they were waiting for.  This was before I even had changed from my flat commuting sandals into my heels, ha. Hey, I'm a single girl who hasn't had a productive date in awhile, I'll take what I can get.  ;-)

I got my hair highlighted and cut last night, so I left the salon feeling like a million bucks, which was awesome.  I swear my new Turkish hair boyfriend is the most efficient stylist ever, as my appointment was at 5:15 and I was out of there by 6:30!  I am now rocking some sunkissed hair, a shaped up cut and a beautiful blowout.  Happy thursday to me!

When I got home I ran into a neighbor and got to see her adorable little boy who always has the biggest smile for me, and who held my hand to say hi.  So adorable.  I then went out to Ulta to purchase some shampoo and conditioner for my highlighted hair, and I left with a set of those items that smell DIVINE.  I'm excited to wash my hair.  :-)  I also got some dry shampoo to try, as I am all for anything that will extend my blowout by another day!

I decided to wear a dress today, just because.  It's thursday and it's another day without a headache, and that makes it a good day.  I accidentally had a caffeinated coffee yesterday and felt a small headache coming on, but I drank a ton of water to try to flush it out and felt much better.  I think I've been overdoing it on the caffeine lately, which for me has meant one caffeinated thing a day.  I'd gotten so good before about only doing it once a week or so, but I've since fallen off the wagon. 

In other news, I just got a message from an online dating fellow with the delightful username of "Darkbutter4u".  This is my life, folks.  :-D


  1. Not wrong at all (especially since they looked normal)! Get it!

    I love that feeling after a great cut and I also love trying out new shampoo - especially from Ulta! I've never tried dry shampoo but interested to hear if it works well. I have really fine hair so I worry it would just weigh it down and make it look gross. I also know of an excellent stylist (who is Turkish) in Georgetown. Best cut of my life but he's super pricey :(

    I'm sorry but if Darkbutter4u doesn't turn your crank, then nothing will. OMG. Who would look at that and be like, "yep. THAT'S who I'm going to go out with."

  2. My Turkish guy is "Georgetown adjacent" as I call my area, LOL. I go to Ibiza Salon & Day Spa, for the record. This guy is a magic maker, and after his initial chilliness, he's warming up to me each time I go. :) I still feel bad for quitting my old guy, but it was time for a change!

    Darkbutter4u.....god, so awful. Can you imagine? We meet, we fall in love, and years later I tell the story of how we met, and I have to say that his name was DARKBUTTER4U. That's love, baby. ;)