Friday, November 4, 2011


I have been such a blogging slacker lately.  Partially it's because I have been insanely busy, but I think it's also that I've just had too much sloshing around in my head and I couldn't find a way to organize it neatly.

Dating.  It's going.  Better than it has in awhile, but that doesn't require much.  ;-)  Tonight I go on Date #3 with the gentleman I will refer to as Maryland.  I am driving out to him because he drove out to me last weekend, and it only seems fair.  I'm not particularly excited, as I've discovered that I don't really enjoy driving around Maryland (the state, LOL) because I'm still hugely unfamiliar with it, and it seems to involve a lot of construction and detours and other such madness. 

I have many tentative plans for the weekend, but I have to be honest...I'm kind of hoping most of them fall through.  I need a break.  I need time to get some sleep.  To do laundry.  To clean up my apartment, run errands, watch football and DVR.  I need time to just be on my own.  I'm hoping to get together with a girlfriend who is in town Saturday/Sunday.  I spend entirely too much time with guys!  Most of my friends I talk to most frequently in the area are men, and that's fine and dandy, but sometimes you just need a break.

I'm doing okay, though.  Gotten to bed a little earlier the last few nights, which is nice.  Thinking about taking off work early today to go home and relax a little before my long night of driving and dating.  The idea of bonding with my couch for a bit is hugely appealing! 

Anyway, that's my boring Friday update.  Will try to do a more noteworthy post this weekend perhaps!

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