Friday, November 18, 2011

And exhale.

Well, I can finally officially spill on something big that's been brewing for a few weeks now.  It is part of why I have been so distracted/stressed/anxious.  I have accepted a new job, and my last day at the current job is December 2nd.  I start the new position on Monday, December 5.  I am pretty damn excited.  It's also scary because I have been at my current employer for nearly 7 years, and there are certain perks to such a long term of residence in one spot.  However, comfort and familiarity will get you nowhere in the professional world, so when an opportunity fell into my lap, unsolicited, I gave it a fair assessment and went for it.

I am insanely proud of how well I handled the whole process.  I interviewed very well, two interviews total.  I met with all the big important people and impressed the hell out of them.  They even ceased their second round interviews after meeting with me.  :-)  They made me an offer the next morning, I counteroffered the next morning, and within half an hour my counteroffer had been accepted.  I advocated on my own behalf, negotiated what I wanted and needed and got every thing I asked for.  It was a pretty spectacular feeling!

Everyone at my current employer has been so fantastic.  They are all very supportive and they understand that the move is in my best interest, as there is no room for advancement here.  Our Chief Financial Officer took me out the day I gave notice, and in my last week I have two lunches scheduled, one with my small sub-department and one with the entire bigger department.  I am lucky to have spent the last nearly 7 years at such a great company, and I am going to miss everyone and everything I know incredibly, but I know I need to take the next step.

I'd been waiting on the background check to formally clear before I told my news, and it was finalized this morning, and so here I am, sharing my good news with you all.  :-)


  1. Congratulations! So what is the new position? Will you still be in the conflicts world? Will you still be in the legal field. And tell the truth, did you take a job working for Shook, Hardy & Bacon's D.C. office? ;) hee hee


  2. Thank you, Alison! The new job is Client Intake Coordinator, also a conflicts job at a new firm. Newly created position, they want someone to come in and streamline and revise their processes and implement newly improved processes firmwide. :)