Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Downloading the random

In the midst of a workday where I am sifting through any number of undesirable projects to be completed, my mind is jumbled with random thoughts.  I give them to this blog.

Lately, I've had fleeting thoughts of giving up on dating men and just pursuing Adele.  Yeah, the singer.  The one with the deliciously layered, soulful voice.  The one whose lyrics speak to me in the way  that only the best kind do, where it feels like the words are about your life, your heart, your experiences.  Brilliant.  Turns out Adele is only 23, so I'd be kind of a cougar in my pursuit of her, but honestly, wouldn't it be worth the scandal?  I liked a couple of her songs as they came out, but recently have become quite obsessed with her albums.  So yeah, Adele?  Brilliant.

Two nights ago, in preparation for my plans that got cancelled last night, I spent a fair amount of my evening on primping.  I took a bath and shaved my legs, I washed and straightened my hair, I painted my nails.  I got an outfit ready, had thoughts on jewelry, and pondered the right perfume and makeup.  I spent yesterday morning anticipating said plans, but all the while feeling a little tinge of fear that they would fall through.  Fall through they did, around 2pm.  Disappointing.  So I was all sparkly and smooth and delightful for no reason.  A girlfriend pointed out that I should just consider it in terms of doing things for myself, to feel good about myself.  Hmm.  Yeah, except that if I'd know those plans would fall through, I would have just left my damn hair curly. 

I went out to lunch yesterday with the girlfriend mentioned above.  I got this Italian Turkey Club panini, and I am still thinking about this sandwich.  Proscuitto is my new favorite thing.  I need to get back to Wegmans this weekend to pick some up, along with some of their deli turkey, some provolone cheese and some genoa salami.  And bread, LOL.  All of these things together make for a very delicious sandwich.  This time perhaps I shall try it on my Foreman grill, to pretend it is like a panini at home.  Why yes, I did just write a paragraph about a sandwich.  What of it?

Got a free ten minute seated massage yesterday at work as part of the firm's Health Fair.  It was lovely and relaxing.  Got conned into a consult at the office of said vendor, lured in by the promise of a free 30 minute massage.  The Dr. asserts with great confidence that he can do wonders for migraines.  Hell, I'll try anything.  The consult and massage are free because of their partnership with my firm, so I'm willing to give it a shot.  Not dating anyone, so may as well have a stranger give me human contact, LOL.  Kidding!!  Mostly.

My mind is tired.  I feel like I need a nap.  It's a good thing I don't have any plans tonight.  All I did last night was run one quick errand, but I feel like I mentally exhausted myself with my pity party.  Tonight I must find a way to legitimately relax.

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