Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, you are not my friend

I really dislike Mondays!  I wish I could just skip them and move on to Tuesdays each week.  :-)

So we carved pumpkins this weekend and it was a good time.  We roasted the seeds, and I have a small selection of them at work for a snack today.  J did the cool wolf one on the left, BF did the goofy one in the middle (it has ears you can't see and that thing in its mouth is a tongue poking out) and mine is the uber traditional one on the right.

We watched a scary movie (The Conjuring) and I watched two more on my own (The Taking of Deborah Logan and The Canal). I'd already seen The Conjuring, but it was good enough for a second viewing with others who hadn't yet seen it!  The other two were new to me and I actually really liked both!  The Canal is an Irish movie from 2014 and it had a great ambiance to it.  It's about a man who suspects his wife of cheating right at the same time he discovers that his home has a rather grisly history and may be haunted.  It was very well made and built suspense quite successfully.

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a combination found footage/documentary type movie, though it's all fiction.  It's about a woman doing her thesis on Alzheimer's, and as part of that she is doing a documentary involving a woman with early onset Alzheimer's.  As the days progress, weird things and behavior start occurring that can't be attributed to her illness, and it starts to become apparent that something scary is going on!

They were both really good movies, which is not too surprising since I found them on lists like "The Best Scary Movies You Aren't Watching" and things like that.  I watched those two on my own because not BF & J don't have the same obsession with all things scary like I do!  I have several more I'd like to get through this Halloween week.  They include:

The House of the Devil
The Sacrament
The Den
The Houses October Built

I'd also like to squeeze in Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project, maybe A Nightmare on Elm Street.  But that may be overreaching, especially because I also want to watch Halloween on Halloween.  :-) I still want to do some scary book reading, but may not happen.  Too much to watch, too much to do!

Managed to get my Halloween manicure done at home as well yesterday afternoon.  J & I did our nails together and she actually did the reverse of what I did.  I did all black save for two orange nails on each hand and she did all orange with black accent nails.  Hopefully they will survive the week as long as I do my trick of a new topcoat everyday.  Good times!

Ran out to Target briefly and got some orange and black Halloween socks and a purple tank to go underneath a cute black and white shirt I'm wearing Friday.  We have our annual Halloween Hullaballoo that afternoon, which is basically when everyone's kids come to the office to trick or treat and then have cookies and pizza!  It's a really fun tradition and I wanted to dress as festively as I could without donning an actual costume.  J reminded me that purple is also a Halloween color, which saved me from having to get an orange cami that would have been totally unflattering.  ;-)

In non-Halloween news, I got my 2016 planner in the mail Friday.  I'm such a nerd because this is super exciting to me.  :-)  I do use Google Calendar for pretty much everything appointment and event-wise, but I've kept up the paper planner because I tend to use it differently.  It's basically a diary of everything I do, so it's a lot more detailed than what's on Google.  I can't tell you how many times I've referenced it for random reasons!  So it still serves its purpose and I love getting the new one each year.

They sent an email out today updating everyone on forthcoming upgrades and changes for our Firm in the remainder of 2015.  One of them is something I am going to LOATHE....they are blocking all personal email websites and all social media.  I know many employers have done this for ages, and maybe we've been lucky to have the access we have for this long, but it's still a blow.  They claim it's to comply with client's increasingly stringent security requirements, but who knows.  Supposedly this will be implemented by year's end.  They also said that they will be adding internet browsing safeguards and email content monitoring.  Awesome.  Cheers for that coming down the pike.  I just hope that none of these changes affect our ability to check these same sites using our mobile devices when on work wi-fi.  Guess that remains to be seen!

So tomorrow at work is a random Jeans Day.  Granted, it had strings attached in the sense that you had to make a charitable donation in order to wear jeans, but it's worth it.  Jeans make work better! So that makes one less day of choosing an appropriate work outfit, woo.

Speaking of random, I have a random inquiry.  Does anyone have any experience with curling wands?  I've been thinking of picking one up just to try it out.  I love the look of the curls they give, and I've read that it's an easy way to polish natural curls, too.  Just thought I'd see if anyone had any personal experience with them!

Time to go deal with this Monday....


  1. Not a huge fan of Monday's over here either! On the bright side, it's now over! Your new work policies brought back my corporate life memories. We couldn't access personal emails or any social media sites either (like FB, etc) but we could access them on our phones! So there's hope ;(

    1. Yeah, I knew these changes were coming b/c they warned us in our mid-year state of the Firm address, but I guess I was hoping they'd forgotten since nothing had happened yet. :-p I know it makes sense and I shouldn't be on those sites too much at work, anyway, but what about breaks? Lunch? Mornings before my work day starts? Boo. :-)