Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween things

I am excited for a looming weekend of scary movies, pumpkin carving, seed roasting and other such seasonal fun.  Sometimes I really think Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It's in my favorite season and my favorite month, and just has so many good associations to it.  I wish I had more time to do all the Halloween things I wanted...all the haunted houses, the pumpkin patches, reading all the scary books, listening to all the scary podcasts, watching all the scary things.  There's just not enough time!

I also always get the urge to watch the Halloween episodes of everything...My So-Called Life, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Office, Gilmore Girls, Felicity....even Roseanne!  Always a good time.  :-)

I found a couple of new to me scary movies I want to watch to rotate in something new.  They include "The Canal", "We are What we Are" and "The Fourth Kind".  They are varying in subject matter and are not all overtly Halloween type scares, but they sound like things I would enjoy!  I also have the desire to watch some older ones like the original Paranormal Activity, The Ring, The Grudge, The Silence of the Lambs, Stir of Echoes, The Blair Witch Project.  Of course I'll obviously watch Halloween....on Halloween.  :-)

In the meantime, work is just in the way.  Ha!  I really wish it were friday, but at least we are on the downhill slide.  I don't want to rush my way through the last part of October, but I am looking forward to November.  We're driving to Charleston to see BF's family for a long weekend November 13-16, so that will be a couple of days off work and out of town.  Then later in the month is the four day weekend for Thanksgiving, which we are happily staying home for this year.  It will be really nice to have no obligation to travel for the holiday, especially since Christmas is around the corner at that point and always a huge travel hassle!

I really can't believe it's this time of year already.  It seems crazy to be talking about Halloween, much less Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My holiday party is December 10th and I'm hoping for a shining comeback from the sickfest that was last year's party.  I'm probably going to re-wear a dress I own already instead of buying something new, so that should save some money!  Definitely an expensive time of year no matter how you cut it.

My ex-H is in Aruba right now with his fiancee and a group of friends.  I'm ferociously jealous.  I need the kind of life where I jetset off to Aruba for a week.  Ha!  Probably not in the cards.  :-) Hopefully it will at least be decent weather when we visit Charleston in November.  By then it probably won't be much of the awesome mid-70s weather we're having right now!

So this was a boring, fluffy post, but sometimes that's what I have to offer.  :-)  Cheers for Thursday, which is almost Friday!


  1. Try throwing in a wedding at Christmas time $$$$$$$!!! Killing me!
    I love October, but not scary things! Enjoy getting scared this weekend :)

    1. I can only imagine! Good luck to you. :-) It's such an exciting time!

  2. Well you know how I feel about Fall in general over here! Ha. But I agree, I do have really great memories around Halloween. I don't generally like scary movies but I love watching really old ones and I always watch the original Halloween ones with Jamie Lee Curtis too!

    1. The original Halloween is definitely a classic! Looking forward to watching it again this year as last year I got sucked into the remake, which just isn't the same!