Thursday, November 13, 2014



Is anyone else seriously over seeing Kim Kardashian's naked body splashed all over everything all the time?  In the last couple of days you can't go anywhere online without reading about or worse yet, seeing her overexposed body.  Today's news is the release of full frontal pics because we haven't seen enough.

Twitter is all atwitter talking about her.  My biggest pet peeve are the Kim K defenders who proclaim that you're only mad about it if you're jealous.  Are we really pretending this is empowering?  Are we really pretending this is artistic?  Get real.  She's an attention whore who stays relevant by exploiting her ridiculous, photoshopped body.  She got famous for, as Joel McHale of The Soup always says, having a big ass and a sex tape.  Seriously.  What a legacy.

This blind, asinine worship of talentless attention whores drives me up the wall and is frankly embarrassing.  She is overexposed, desperate and can't seem to survive without masses of public attention that never comes for anything positive.  Any press is good press, right Kim?  Jebus.

Good for her for having a baby and working hard to get her body back.  That's awesome.  More power to her.  But will there ever be a day when she can just be satisfied with feeling good about herself and having her husband find her attractive?  Will she always need millions of strangers ogling her and poring over her latest nude spreads in magazines to feel validated?  Newsflash, Kim:  There are some people in the world who do NOT want to see your boobs, your ass and your crotch all over social media.  And some of those who do want to see want to see to make you the butt of their jokes, or to objectify you since you seem to trade on the fact that you're a sex object and nothing more. Sigh.  Yes, she has "businesses" like fashion lines, perfumes, blah blah.  But we all know what she's really famous for.

I take comfort in the fact that as a general rule, attention whores fade over the years.  We used to see Madonna, Paris Hilton, etc., etc. in various states of exposure and now they're gone from the front pages.  They aged out or had a lightbulb moment or better yet, maybe people stopped caring (Paris!). I'm just going to wait for that eventual fade of the Kim K obsession, though I suspect that if given the chance this woman will be dropping all her clothes for years to come, gladly welcoming the attention any way she can get it.  Sad.



  1. THANK YOU!!!! I keep a Twitter account for my studies/freelance research work, and read online newspapers to keep abreast of related affairs, but I keep seeing that silly vapid woman plastered all over the internet.

    It equally bothers me that her naked body is plastered everywhere, not out of jealousy; I guess she is beautiful in her own way, but more that it reasserts the perception of what a woman 'should' look like. It's great that she has such a privileged life that she can buy photoshop experts, personal trainer, spend hours in the gym, various spa treatments etc. but it hardly encourages young girls to aspire to being the intellectual equals of men, and in a world, where independent women have to work and just don't have the time to spend hours in the gym!

    Yes, she's a sex symbol. I don't understand why she doesn't use her fame and money to do some good in the world. I mean, look at Angelina Jolie and her humanitarian work...

    Eurgh, I cannot wait for the day where she fades away (like Paris, as you mentioned!)

    1. Vapid is SUCH a good word for her! And you're totally right, this is just another way to make women feel inferior and to set hugely unrealistic expectations of the female body. If she feels the need to whore herself out, she should do everyone a favor and just once, post a pic of herself without ten tons of makeup, three hours of hairstyling, and hours of photoshop.

      She offers nothing of substance to the universe.

  2. I'm certainly not jealous of her silicone injected ass or anything else that she bought on her body. What's annoying to me about all her fans that will defend her is they will say she is just a good businesswoman. Sure, that sex tape was leaked by her partner, and her mother turned lemons into lemonade (so to speak), but, like you said, she is a vapid attention whore. And she is certainly not breaking the internet, young lady, you have a sex tape, if anything would break the internet it would be that.

    I cannot stand her or her family because they don't keep their private lives private and its sad that people look up to her or "want to be her" she is vile.

    1. I completely agree with every single thing you said in that reply! If I had a bajillion dollars I, too, could have a trainer every single day and plastic surgery and makeup artists and a hair stylist and people that exist to photoshop me into oblivion.