Wednesday, November 5, 2014


How on earth is it already November?  I feel like I just got used to October and now it's gone, and it took the daylight with it.

It's really crazy to think that Thanksgiving is just three weeks away.  Three weeks from today I'll hopefully be at BF's family's house, having survived a crazy holiday drive with all of the other kind souls in the DC metro area trying to get out of town.  We plan on leaving really early Wednesday morning, so I'll be heading over there Tuesday night after work.

My mom emailed me this week to ask for Christmas ideas, which is even crazier.  My firm sent out their email about our holiday party, which will be on December 11th this year.  I'm really excited about it, as always, but more so this year because I'll get to bring BF, and my friend A is probably bringing her boyfriend, and they get along pretty well (based on the one time they've met!).  I think it will be nice for them to have one another as company.

I don't know that I'll buy another party dress, as I just don't wear them enough for that to make much fiscal sense, but you never know.  I need to take inventory of my party dresses and see what I have to work with!  Maybe I can use one I have and mix it up with different jewelry or hair or shoes.

Again, I can't get over that I'm talking about Thanksgiving, holiday parties and Christmas!

BF is coming over tonight, as he does on Wednesdays.  I think we are going to go see "Birdman" and have a late dinner at home.  I have some fish fillets in the fridge, some jasmine rice and steamer veggies, so that should be fairly painless to manage.

We got to spend the whole Halloween weekend together, which was lovely.  His daughter had a lock-in at her school Friday and plans with her Mom Saturday.  I got off work a couple of hours early on Friday and headed out his way.  We got our new fire pit set up and fiery in the driveway, pulled up some chairs and spent the next few hours warming ourselves by the fire and handing out candy.  It felt so old school Halloween, with tons of kids out trick or treating, and parents with most of them, some of them dressed up, too.  Everyone was so polite and the costumes were great, and I just had the best time!

We closed out the night ordering pizza and watching Halloween, which seems ideal!

Saturday we ran some errands and did some shopping, had a crockpot roast and veggies for dinner and watched football while getting a little tipsy together.  It was a nice evening and I laughed until my stomach hurt and I couldn't breathe more than once!  Sunday was leftovers for lunch, NFL and cooking dinner together before I headed home.  Love that man.  We had a lot of really good convos over the weekend and I love continuing to learn new things about him.  Learning about someone's past and how they've gotten where they are can really offer such good insight into who they are now and why, and I love watching the pieces come together!

Work day is wrapping up in less than an hour and I'm so ready.  Can't wait to go home and change out of work clothes and into comfy movie clothes so I can spend an hour in a theater being entertained and maybe holding my boyfriend's hand sometimes.  <3


  1. I can't believe October is over, and 2014 is nearly over! Where has time gone?!

    I love this time of year - Halloween, Christmas... (Sadly, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, although I would love to!) I've started buying my gifts a couple of weeks ago! I'm trying to be organised this year, as I want to minimise the stress of walking in crowds!

    I love your dilemma about party dresses. Every year in the sales, I buy these beautiful cocktail dresses - some I've only worn once, others I have never worn, but I still buy them, because it's too hard to resist! But as you say, it makes no fiscal sense... Sigh!

    You and BF are so cute - holding hands is definitely one of the best and most comforting things about relationships! I'm glad you're having loads of good conversations; it's definitely interesting to learn about someone's past and their motivations.

    1. Every year I wish I were motivated enough to start buying gifts already! Luckily my list of folks to buy for isn't huge, so it doesn't tend to be too much drama.

      Ah, the party dress drama. Took a look at everything I have, and all the ones I really love I either wore last year to the same party or may not fit as nicely as they did when previously worn. :-p If I could find a cheap dress I'd consider it, but that's a challenge!

      I love holding hands. We held hands during the movie and it is the smallest, most comfortable gesture. We had more good convos last night after the movie, and I really just feel closer to him every day!

  2. Have you tried Rent the Runway? I hate accumulating dresses that I don't want to wear again for another year, I'm sort of the opposite of a hoarder. I love getting a funky dress for a night and then never having to deal with it again!

    1. I've heard of it, but never tried it! I must admit that I generally won't buy clothes online unless it's a specific item I know will fit based on having one already or something. Too much room for variation in size and fit!

      The dress I got was super cheap and should be ok for the party. No princess moment like last year, but I can't rationalize a new, pricy dress I'll wear once every year. ;-)