Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Go Lucky

Have I mentioned lately how happy I am?  I think I have, but I'm telling you-I wake up every morning feeling so grateful for all of the good things in my life.  I am so madly in love with BF, I can't even describe it.  The levels of happiness I've plateaued at lately are just incredible.  I know life can get bumpy sometimes, and those times always come again, but I'm so glad I have this fantastic person in my life who makes me laugh, supports me, understands me, comforts and takes care of me when I need it and enjoys being around when I'm a crazy person laughing hysterically over god knows what again.  <3

We went to our movie last night, but not until after we'd just laid together on the bed together for a bit, talking and holding onto each other.  We headed out to the movie and chatted the whole way, joking and laughing about random things.  In the movie we held hands or had some kind of physical connection the whole time, and we came home and just snuggled so nicely on the bed again.  We were silly and goofy and damn, do I feel loved unconditionally by this person.  It's such a spectacular thing.

I have trainer tonight and I'm looking forward to it.  Lately he's been raving about how strong I'm getting, in particular my legs.  I know I need to tone all over, including my calves, but just knowing that I'm so much stronger than I was before is awesome.  Love it!  I've finally gotten out of the habit of bitching (however sarcastically) about the reps he has me doing and just doing them, concentrating and working hard.  It feels good, especially when I get a good cardio workout in first!

Tomorrow night I'm doing a happy hour with some friends, including some former co-workers from my last firm.  We're going to the same bar/restaurant we went to for my b-day happy hour and I'm really looking forward to it.  Should be a good group and it's a nice way to wrap up a long week!  My part-time clerk starts tomorrow morning as well, so I'll be working with him on getting him trained and situated.  I don't love training, but I love the end result where I get some help catching up on all of these organizational and clean up projects.

Weather this weekend is supposed to get a bit cooler again after a week of sixties, meaning highs in the 50s.  Can't complain too much as we've been very lucky this fall so far and we're supposed to be back in the sixties at least for the early part of next week.  On the weekends with BF I kind of love relaxing in warmer things.  I have a pair of leggings I bought last year and never wore, and I randomly unearthed them last week.   With hesitation I wore them last Saturday afternoon after our errands and discovered two things.  1)  Boyfriend is a big fan!  2) They are insanely comfortable.  So I did a crazy thing and went and bought one additional pair for now. Don't think I'm ballsy enough to wear them in for real public (aside from grocery store or something), but I will definitely rock those comfortable things like it's my job on the weekend!

It's so nice when I wear something like that and feel a tiny bit insecure about it (ie I wish my thighs were a little tighter, my stomach a little flatter) to have boyfriend remind me that he thinks I'm sexy just as I am.  As a general rule I'm pretty happy with myself, but I know it's normal to have those moments, and I'm grateful to have him there to remind me that what I am is good enough!  It's good to have a cheerleader!

I won't be heading out to BF's until Saturday this weekend in light of the happy hour.  I don't think it will run very late, but I'm going to try to take advantage of the evening afterward to get to the gym (maybe!) and catch up on a little Bluemoon DVR!  I'll pack up and head out Saturday early afternoon and spend the rest of the weekend with BF and his daughter.  It's a full weekend with her after not having her at all last weekend.  Looks like next weekend might be a no daughter weekend, too, as she has plans Friday and we may be going to the Maryland-MSU football game that Saturday night, IF MSU beats Ohio State this Saturday night.  Guess we'll see how it all shakes out!

Happy thursday to all!


  1. WHEN MSU beats OSU on Saturday. ...or so I hope.

    I'm a UM grad but anyone anyone anyone but Ohio State. (Particularly if they're from my home state!)

    1. Ugh, that game did NOT go as we'd hoped! :-/

  2. I love that BF is a cheerleader and makes you feel less anxious (even if it's something as benign as leggings). I think when someone supports you like that, it's so special! It's really lovely to have someone in your corner and finds you attractive, even when we all have those little thoughts like "I wish..."

    1. Totally agree! It's really nice to feel encouraged and loved and all that good stuff. :-)

      Sidenote: LOVE leggings now. So comfortable! Just need a bigger selection of longer shirts to pair with them!