Monday, June 23, 2014

monday surprises

So I took tomorrow off for my birthday like I talked about.  Today has been dragging as a result, but I'm muddling through.  Just after lunch one of the office services folks stopped by my office with a from BF.  Tulips, no less, which are my absolute favorite.  They are red and purple and vibrant and gorgeous and happy-making!

It was completely unexpected and has had me smiling all afternoon.  :-)  I'm leaving them here so I can enjoy them the rest of the work week, but I'll definitely miss them tomorrow!  They came with the nicest, sweetest note, and it was really just a lovely Monday surprise!

Tomorrow's plans are still up in the air, I mostly plan to just do what sounds good.  I do know there will be a birthday dinner in there, but that's the only certainty!  I'm just happy to be celebrating another birthday with a ton of wonderful friends, family, cats and boyfriend in my life.  My big old happy hour with friends and coworkers and BF on Friday went really well and I had such a fantastic time.  They sang me happy birthday while I blew out the candles on a tiny, decadent dessert...different groups of friends got to meet for the first time, BF got to meet almost everyone for the first time.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, I got pleasantly tipsy on birthday drinks, but not enough where I felt sick later, and I spent an evening with most of my favorite people in the local DC area.  It was a wonderful birthday celebration, and I'm looking forward to round 2 tomorrow!  :-)