Thursday, June 12, 2014

Birthday Inspiration

I haven't posted in ages! I guess without the trials and tribulations of online dating I have less to say on a daily/weekly basis?

State of the Relationship
Things continue to go well with BF.  June 3rd marked five months since we started dating, which is a pretty huge thing!  I hadn't dated anyone for any real period of time in three years, so it's really nice to finally have found someone worth sticking around for.

I love him.  He's sweet, funny, sarcastic, honest, genuine and seems to be all in with me.  I've never dated someone who is as actively invested in making good choices for the relationship as I am, and we can talk about anything.  He seems to be almost constantly cognizant of my feelings and how things affect us as a couple, and acts accordingly.  He tells me everything, and we are reaching levels of trust that I only imagined I could get to again.  The difference?  This time it's with someone I trust 100%.  We've had moments where we've had to have a couple of important, long talks, but they have done nothing but benefit us greatly and bring us closer together.

Beyond that, I am ridiculously attracted to him.  I don't remember the last time I was this physically drawn to someone AND emotionally and intellectually drawn to them as well.  It's so often been one or the other, or one compensating for the lacking of another.  I was nervous in the beginning of things on this front because it took awhile for us to truly get comfortable, but it was well worth the patience!

We have so many plans.  My birthday.  His birthday a couple weeks later.  His daughter's birthday later in July.  Our beach trip for Labor Day week (hoping to finally book the house tomorrow!).  I want to take him back to Omaha to meet my family in the late summer/fall.  As he noted during one of our recent talks, it's so nice to make all of these plans and actually be following through on them.  :-)  I think we are both continually pleasantly surprised by how well things are going, and how nice it is to be with someone who cares as much as we do.

State of Everything Else
I'm good.  I'm happy.  :-)  Work has been insanely busy, but I'm getting a lot done.  We recently had a firmwide meeting with the Executive Committee wherein they gave us insight into how the firm is doing so far this year, and the news was good.  It was so good that they announced we would all be getting a mid-year bonus at the end of June.  I am incredibly grateful for their generosity, and for their recognition of all of our hard work in support of the firm.

My birthday is June 24th.  Last year I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in Fort Lauderdale at the beach with my good friend of many years, Tracy.  We had such a fantastic time relaxing on the beach, exploring Fort Lauderdale, and even checking out the life-sized Barbie Dream House.  It was the best birthday I'd had in awhile!

I'll be sticking around town this year, though I think I'll still be okay with it.  :-)  I'm doing a birthday happy hour on the 20th, the Friday before my b-day, with old work friends, new work friends, and other friends I've met through other means.  It's always so interesting to combine different groups of friends and see what happens!  I'm excited to celebrate with everyone, and BF is coming into DC to join since his daughter is busy that night.  I'm overdue for a haircut and highlights, so I've scheduled them for that day so that I can feel extra wonderful for the occasion!  I think I may also go out and hunt for a fun, cute b-day outfit for the evening.  :-)

After that, a girlfriend of mine that I've known since before high school will be in town for work, so we're doing dinner the night before my b-day.  I'm still torn on what to do for my actual birthday.  BF can't take off work, nor can anyone else really.  I'm still considering taking the whole day off.

I've been considering how I would fill my time.  My thoughts?  Sleep in.  Gym (maybe!).  Solo movie? Track down the pool my apt. complex has access to and chill in the sun?  Go shopping with the giftcards I will probably get upon opening birthday gifts from my family that morning?  Try to wrangle a friend into meeting me for lunch?

Evening plans are easier.  Dinner, maybe miniature golf, maybe an inaugural visit to the Capital Wheel over at the National Harbor, and possibly Cold Stone Creamery for a birthday cake remix capper!  I'm not fully decided yet.

If you had your birthday day off and no one could spend it with you, would you still take the day off?  If so, what would you do with your time?  I'm not one who hates being alone, I actually really enjoy doing things solo when the opportunity arises.  I can easily entertain myself!  It just sounds more appealing than sitting at work.  ;-)  BF should be to my place by 4pm, so we'll have a long evening together for official b-day celebrations.

Anyway, that's my update.  Happy June!


  1. FTR I have been stalking you LOL I am so happy to see you are happy! Makes my heart burst with joy for you!

    As for taking birthday day off alone - HECK YEAH!! I'd go have hot tea somewhere, get a massage, pedi, facial or something decadent then read in the sunshine - with sunblock on, of course!

    I'm excited for all of your plans and hoping work travels take me to DC, soon. It has been years. It would be so good to see you. - H.

    1. Aww, thank you! I appreciate it, and it's such a welcome gift after the struggling single years LOL. I think he was worth the wait!

      I requested my birthday off Monday. :-) I decided that no matter what I do with the day, it will be better than being at the office. I have many ideas, but will probably decide closer to the date how the day will actually play out.

      It has been such a long time since my visit to San Diego! So much has changed. I would love it if you ended up in DC so we could pencil in a catch up session!

      I have to tell you that your journey since meeting Earl really gave me a lot of hope when I was feeling really discouraged about dating. It reminded me that amazing things can happen if you let them, and I'm feeling very lucky to have kept the door open that led me into this relationship. :-)