Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Showers

This is one gloomy Thursday, but it is a Thursday nonetheless.  I'll take it!  This week has felt really long.  I'm sure that can be partially attributed to all of the ups and downs with my grandfather.  As an update, family visits yesterday were mostly comprised of watching him sleep.  My brother went over lunch and said he slept pretty much the whole time, as they'd given him something for sleep mid morning.  My mom went last night and said again he slept most of the time, though he did wake a few times briefly to chat.  She said it was very calm and quiet.  I guess at this point sleeping is better. He got Ativan overnight again because of anxiety again.  I can only imagine how mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted he is these days.

Today is one of those days where I would rather be at home in comfy clothes lounging with my cats and enjoying the rain from a warm inside space.  Work is not a great stand in.  Today or tomorrow they're finally locking down the internet to block all the fun places you can go online and will be monitoring everything else.  They warned us it was coming last summer, so I guess we should be grateful it took them this long to implement.  Thank goodness for smart phones!

Nothing noteworthy on the schedule tonight.  Maybe the gym, cooking dinner at home with BF, the usual week night jam.  No big plans for the weekend either.  We have J for the full weekend.  We may go see a movie, I'm sure we'll run a couple of errands.  The weather is supposed to be fairly lousy so that's no help!  We may get a few errant snowflakes on Saturday morning, which is just depressing.

Still reading "The Elementals" and actually really enjoying it.  I'm still not quite halfway in, but I like the atmosphere of the book and look forward to reading it each evening on my commute home.  I'll admit there's not been a lot of action thusfar, but I feel like it's building to something and it's not boring me yet!

I gambled and made plans for next Friday night with my gf, A.  We are doing a manicure and haircut, respectively, at our salon after work and then going out for dinner and drinks after in DC.  Nothing too wild and crazy, but it will still be fun.  :-)  I've been hesitant to make many plans the last few days because of things with my grandfather, but I figure that whatever will be, will be, and none of my plans are set in stone.  One day at a time, blah blah blah.  :-)

Crossing fingers that Friday comes quickly.....


  1. Can't wait for Friday! Your plans next Friday seem fun, we will actually be out in Georgetown that night. Can't wait to move closer to DC...

    1. Did you have fun in Georgetown! Do you guys have a timeline for moving in closer to DC? I feel like we need a blog update from you. :) How's married life???

  2. Catching up on all your posts. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, it does sound like he is in those end stages though, and I hope he gets what he wants, to go quickly and peacefully. Seems like he had a full life, and that's all one can hope for when you are at the end.

    Glad to hear the cat integration went well! I've been enjoying the photos of him on Instagram! Our cats still hate each other. We probably should have integrated them slower, but I didn't think we would have the problems we are having. Cats!

    Hope you have a fun Friday night, your post reminded me that I really need to find a salon because my hair is trashed right now!

    1. Thank you for all your nice thoughts on my grandfather. It was a very tough period of time, but he lived such a good life and I'm so glad I got to see him before he was truly out of it.

      The cats crack me up, they are so goofy. I am definitely on the verge of being that crazy cat lady on Instagram, LOL. I assure you the cats still tussle, the original two, and both with the newby, but overall I'm pleased!

      How are things with you? Update, update!