Monday, February 8, 2016

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

I just ate chocolate cake for breakfast, guys.  I don't even feel that bad about it.

Case in point:

It's a Monday.

I slept poorly last night, which meant I woke up probably six times throughout the night after not going to bed until around 11:30 to start with.

I'm hormonal.

No really, I'm hormonal.  Boyfriend fell asleep without giving me a good night kiss last night and I felt devastated, unloved, unappreciated.  I'm a cliche!  Boyfriend got to stay in bed this morning while I trundled out into the chilly morning and I felt wronged by the universe.

My skin is broken out in my chin area and jawline like I'm a 13 year old girl.  SEXY.

I'm trying to re-frame my outlook, but it's a struggle.  My office is cold, I remain hormonal, and I skipped coffee this morning because I had this naive notion of being more mindful of my sugar intake again.  OOPS.  Pretty sure the chocolate cake ruined that one!  I have two big glasses of water at my desk.  Maybe flushing out the sugar all day long will work?  ;-) :-p

I'm trying to take inspiration from this sharkitty that I found on Twitter this morning:

I printed that baby out and am going to hang it at my desk to remind me to BE A SHARK.

Let's focus on the positive here:

I ate chocolate cake for breakfast.  This is what adulting really looks like, right?!

I am waiting on the last of three Etsy purchases to arrive today.  I got two pairs of super cute earrings and a necklace, the latter of which is supposed to arrive today.  New sparkly things are always good!

We're going to see Kathy Griffin on Thursday, which should be awesome.  I kind of love her, though, I'm particularly a sucker for her with Anderson Cooper on NY's Eve!

It's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow.  Nothing earthshattering, nothing debilitating.  This could be a bad thing, as it may just be enough to make my commute long and messy and stressful, but in spite of this...I can't deny that I love to watch the snow fall.  So pretty!

Phantom of the Opera tix go on sale Thursday.  Hoping to get some tickets this week!

It's less than two weeks until I get a four day weekend for my Poconos trip with BF.  We could definitely use the escape!  We spend a lot of time together, but it's always different when we are able to get away from the house, the grind, the chores, the obligations.  Vacations are for indulgence and freedom from the day to day stuff, and I am definitely looking forward to that!

V-Day:  I'm not a super V-Day person.  When I was single it made me feel like crap no matter how ridiculous I knew that to be.  As part of a couple, it's still not a huge deal.  I got BF a cute card and will likely look for a small gift for him, but nothing big.  I did, however, get two extra cards, one for my mom and one for my grandfather.  He's in poor health, she's over-extending herself taking care of him, so I thought the sentiment would be nice for both of them.  Hers is a funny card to make her laugh, his is a sincere one to remind him how much he is loved!  I am looking forward to getting those in the mail today or tomorrow in hopes of  them arriving on time.

ETA:  Just figured out the perfect small gift for BF.  He found a hot sauce he loved the last time we visited Charleston, but he used it all and we can't buy it locally, and they have no online presence.  So I called them up and ordered three bottles and it's shipping out tomorrow!  Perfection for my hot sauce obsessed boyfriend.  :-)

Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl.  I love Peyton.  He's a class act, through and through.  A team player, a leader, and an insanely talented quarterback.  I've watched him and liked him for years, and I was so glad to see him win again last night.  If he does retire, it's awesome to go out on this kind of high note.  Broncos are the enemy of my Chiefs, but I am a Peyton fan, so this win made me happy. Also, Cam Newton is a sore loser.  He's young and has had a lot of success, but he needs to learn to be gracious in the face of a loss.

Nails - I painted them a lovely mossy green color yesterday.  It's making me happy to look at them, especially after my in your face, almost neon pink nails from last week.  These are much more soothing!

Also, I had a really nice weekend.  I got to see two of my favorite girlfriends on Saturday for brunch, which was lovely.  We laughed and chatted and it's just so good to get that girl time!  Saturday night BF and I went to see a movie (a completely silly horror movie called "The Boy") and then went to dinner.  It was nice to be out!  J didn't come at all this weekend because she had to do community service hours for National Honor Society.  Sunday was, of course, all about the Super Bowl.  We totally indulged in terms of food and made several fun things, including:

Chex Mix in the crockpot - that was a first for me!  Lesson learned-there's a reason they don't include pretzels in the crockpot recipe.  They were hard as a rock!  However, the addition of parmesan goldfish was GENIUS.  That was BF's idea and they are amazing in there.

Bacon Jalapeno Cheese Ball - This was BF's deal.  WAY too hot for me as the recipe was originally, and he stepped it up.  This thing has jalapenos, a habanero pepper and habanero shredded cheese.  :-o My mouth burned and my sinuses cleared just thinking about it!

Buffalo Chicken Dip - Another crockpot recipe that we've made before.  Super easy and so yummy!

Puff Pastry Pizza Twists - Pinterest recipe that was actually super tasty!  We added little mini pepperonis and it was fun to twist the little strips off for munching.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs - YUM.  That is all.

We made subs for lunch and basically ate our way through the rest of the day!  :-o

So...the summary of this post is that I am a breakfast cake-eating person who ate the entirety of Super Bowl sunday and THAT IS OK.

I have some chex mix at my desk for later.  ;-)

I'm off to go find the shark in me to attack this Monday!


  1. Cracking up that you didn't have coffee to avoid extra sugar, yet ate cake for breakfast. Completely something I would do! Hope Monday turns around, and Monday is Presidents Day. Hopefully you have off!

    1. Yes, I started out with good intentions at about 8 am, and by 8:20 they were gone, covered in chocolate cake crumbs. :o That's a monday for you. ;)

      Sadly, no day off here for President's Day. I'm betting my bus will either a) not run or b) run on a limited schedule, which is always fun. ;)