Wednesday, February 3, 2016


This post contains some bragging.  Forgive me, but I'm just too excited.  Since receiving my holiday bonus and thusly diving headlong into my "Pay off all the debt!" goal, I have made huge progress. Since the first day I started tracking my credit score, which was January 4th, my score has gone up 96 points!

It's been a gradual increase each week, as I've been checking each Tuesday via Credit Karma.  The best part?  It hasn't even reached it's fully updated status in terms of my current credit card balances. One has been halved since the last update and one has dropped another significant amount.  I can't wait to see where the scores stand when it finally catches up.  However, I hope that takes awhile because I'm paying off so much that it can't keep up.  ;-)

** CK DISCLAIMER:  The scores I get from CK aren't true FICO scores.  They are the proprietary scores that Equifax and TransUnion use themselves.  However, from all my research they are pretty accurate as compared to the FICO scores, and I'm predominantly using this site to track my financial and credit progress as I pay off my debt.

Anyway, just had to share that awesomeness with you all.  :-)  I'm really, really proud of myself for all of this, as I've finally put the proper focus on this aspect of my life and it's paying off....literally!


  1. I typically pull my report once a year, and this year I enrolled in one of my bank accounts monitoring programs (it was free). They gave me my credit score and it was quite lower than it has been in the last 8 years. Then when we applied for a mortgage, my credit union sent me all 3 scores, which showed my score to be what I have been maintaining for the last 8 years, about 100 points above the credit monitoring place. I think credit monitoring is a good thing, but I was pretty annoyed about the inaccuracy. Once you pay off all your debt, give it a month or two, then pay the 7-10 bucks to get it from Transunion or Experian!

    1. Definitely plan to get a real report once things are all situated. This is just a good guidepost for my progress along the way! :)