Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's the final countdown

So I've been counting down, and it's 12 days until my vacation.  We booked this beach house in mid-February, so it's been a long time coming!  I've patiently waited all of these months and now it's almost here.  I couldn't be more excited, and I couldn't need this getaway more!

It's been a complicated 2015.  The best part of 2015 was making the choice to move in with BF.  It was a decision that was hard to come to, but I'm very glad I made the leap.  I truly love going to bed next to him every night and waking up with him every morning.  We aren't perfect, and we've had our struggles, but we've worked through everything and we're still here, ready to keep moving forward.

2015 also brought with it a continuing stream of health issues for me.  Nothing earth shattering, but a lot of stress, frustration and me meeting my high deductible pretty early in the year.  It's been challenging, but again....still here.  Still moving forward.

Add to this the job stress as of late and this amounts to one exhausted Bluemoon.  I *need* this vacation and it can't come soon enough!  I am reveling in the notion of ten days away from work, away from real life obligations.  Seven days at the beach, seven days of sand and sun and the ocean. Seven days of no alarm clocks, no recommended bedtimes, nothing to do but go to the beach, swim in our pool, explore the Outer Banks again and just enjoy being together.  I CANNOT WAIT!

I had this grand plan to get in better shape over the summer in preparation for this trip.  Due to a variety of reasons, some allowable, some excuses, I did not do this.  I strongly considered getting a one piece swimsuit for the trip.  I online shopped for one and never found anything I loved.  I was annoyed because last summer I really enjoyed wearing both bikinis I brought and I found I didn't really care what anyone else thought.  So in the end, I bought a new bikini to add to my collection. Screw it, right?  I can wear whatever I want!

So now I just have to make it through less than two weeks to get to this vacation.  I can totally do that.  I'll focus on getting my work done, starting my trip packing list and mentally preparing myself for a big, long break from reality.  :-)  Cheers to vacation!


  1. I've been wondering where you have been! Have a fantastic vacation!!!

    1. Summer blogging laziness I suppose! :-) SO ready for vacation. Sadly, still a week and a half of work to slog through...

  2. Sounds like it's going to be great!