Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Clever, Clever

This past weekend was a bit of an unexpected ego boost for me.  There's a guy IRL with whom there was a mutual interest in the late fall and  through the holidays.  I think we were on the verge of maybe testing the waters right when I met BF.  I'd talked myself out of it since we work together and on paper, he's totally NOT my type or someone I could see anything long term with.  Anyway, we were talking Friday about why he won't settle down to just dating one woman.  He finally said, "I'm waiting for you and BF to break up!"

Mind you, he said it in a joking fashion, but I think we both know that a small window was missed, and I think he definitely regrets that.  If I ever found myself single again, I'm sure the flirtation would flare right back up, but I still feel like it's better at that...a flirtation.  Nonetheless, still good to know I've got it, right?  ;-)

Then, this weekend on my drive out to BF's house, I noticed a business card in my windshield wiper.  Forgot to grab it off until Saturday when BF and I pulled into Costco.  I glanced at it and it was a card for a landscaping company.  I mused out loud on why a company would put cards for a landscaping business on the cars of people who live in an apartment complex, then tossed it in my purse to get rid of later.  Back at BF's house I took it out to throw it away, but noticed that my name was written on the back.  I took a closer look and there was a message that said, "Bluemoon, are you interested in getting a cocktail sometime? Bill (guy across the street with a beagle)".


I can honestly say that's the first time I've ever been asked out like that.  I was super surprised and BF saw the card and asked who it was from, and how he knew my name.  I explained that he was one of the "dog people" in my complex whom I knew from when I had my dog.  This guy has lived in the complex as long as me, and we've always said hi.  He walks his dog every morning at the same time as I'm at the bus stop, so we always wave or say hi.  About a month ago he finally introduced himself, but I didn't think anything of it.  He's just another neighbor, you know?

In retrospect, he's previously complimented me on my hair when it was blown out, or my overall appearance when I've been dressed up.  Honestly, the thought never ever crossed my mind that he was interested in me. I guess I'm just oblivious!  I think it was mostly because he's got to be at least ten years older than me, and for some reason always comes off fatherly to me.  :-/  Oof.

Anyway, I was a total loser Monday when I went to catch my bus.  I was running late and only saw him out of the corner of my eye, so I pretended not to see him.  The last two mornings he's not been out there for the particular bus I've caught, so I've yet to deal with this like a grown up.  He's a perfectly nice guy who did nothing wrong, he just put himself out there to ask me out.  I need to be respectful and mature and just honestly acknowledge receipt of the note and let him know I have a boyfriend.  No huge explanation, no awkward apologies or justification or guilt, just being straightforward.  I still want to wave when I see him or do the usual chatter.  No reason not to!

In summary, apparently in the last week(s) I've been putting off an easy, breezy, approachable and appealing Bluemoon vibe, HA!  Still flattering all the same.

Quick summary of other things:

Costco resulted in the purchase of beach chair #2, as we are slowly accruing the items needed for our long-awaited beach trip.  These chairs have come a long way...they can be carried like a backback, it has a built in pillow, a phone holder, a beverage holder, a small cooler on the back, and so on.  And mine is a lovely sea green.  :-)

This weekend BF and I had a daughter-free weekend.  Love her, but it was great to have a full weekend to ourselves.  We were pretty un-exciting in terms of out and about activities.  Friday night we grilled a pizza, which was delicious.  Saturday was Costco and the grocery store, and we made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from scratch to follow up our dinner of sausage and peppers.  Sunday we made turkey burgers and spent some time outside. So much cooking!  :-)

Been working out with my trainer 2x/week still.  The good thing is that I've gotten back to my 5x/week workouts, which I'd slacked on for way too long.  It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm proud of myself nonetheless.  Last night he asked me to download the MyFitnessPal app to start tracking my food, and wants me to send it to him weekly.  :-o  Oh boy.  Maybe I will be shamed into eating better LOL.

Lastly, booked my trip back home to visit the family for late September.  I'm really looking forward to seeing my girlfriends, watching the Nebraska game with my brother and his wife, and seeing my family, in particular my grandfather.  He is still struggling with his health, and I think we all have a slow building sense of concern. It's always something and it's often the same things...breathing issues, constant exhaustion, and other issues that are leading him to want to have another surgery, this time for his prostate, this fall.  But he wants to put that off until he's feeling better, so who knows.  I'm glad I'll be home in September and then in December just because you never know what can happen, and I try to be mindful of that especially with him.

Nothing much else new to tell.  It's wednesday, so BF will be over tonight.  I think we're doing spaghetti and turkey meatballs tonight with garlic bread for dinner.  That's my idea, anyway, I haven't floated it by him yet.  ;-)  I'd also like to go on a walk because a) the weather is really nice and b) today is one of my off days from the gym, so any extra incidental exercise I can swing is a good thing!

Trainer tomorrow, and then my friend R is supposed to be in town very briefly.  He mentioned maybe getting together for a quick, late drink tomorrow night, so hopefully that will come together.  Not sure how I'll swing it logistically with trainer at 8:30-9:30, esp. when I leave him looking AWFUL every session.  :-p  We'll see! Friday night, if the weather holds (!!) I have plans to go to a Nationals baseball game with my gf, A.  I'm concerned, though, as the weather forecast keeps upping rain chances as the week goes on, GRR.  I've been to a woefully inadequate number of games this season!

Anyway, that's all I know for now!


  1. Yup, you still got it! Those ego boosts are really nice, no? Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu ;)

    It's always weird when someone says "Just waiting for you to break up with your boyfriend." I mean, it's certain plausible, but kind of rude to wish that on someone. I've had friends tell me they want to set me up with the perfect guy who currently has a girlfriend but things are fizzling. I tell them I only want to consider available men.

    1. Definitely nice to still be noticed! With regards to my other friend, he tells me all the time he's happy things are going well with BF and asks about it, so while I know a part of him is kicking himself for not acting when I was single, I do know that he respects my relationship. They met at my birthday happy hour and actually really got along! :-)

  2. LOL men always come out of the wood-works once a woman is attached! Look at you go girl! And glad you got a child-free weekend. Goodness knows that I feel like a horrible person for writing this, but the girls just went to back to AR and I am enjoying the quiet.

    1. That does seem to be true! Go figure. :-)

      I feel guilty about wanting a child-free weekend, too, but I figure it's okay to think it as long as I don't mention it to BF. ;-)

  3. What a novel way to invite you out on a date (the business card) - shows what a catch you are, especially with the IRL guy! Must be so flattering to know that all these guys are want you :)

    Food diary? Even though you're working out 5x a week, surely the exercise will cancel out the food? I'm sure you look amazing anyway!

    1. Yeah, it was kind of cute! I liked the originality, though I almost missed it thinking it really was just a landscaping business card. :-)

      I wish the working out cancelled the food, but alas, I have a real penchant for things that aren't good for me. I desperately need to retrain my eating habits and remind myself that indulgences are for SOMETIMES not every day!

  4. There is no use in working out if you are not tracking your food. Seriously, you may feel stronger, but if your aim is to lose a bit of weight or tone out, then you've gotta track. That's what's been missing from my working out and now that I'm tracking I'm actually seeing results. I hate doing it, but oh well. My fitness Pal makes it easy.

    I'm not surprised that guys are starting to come out of the woodwork now that you're in a relationship. You're probably putting out these "happy/satisfied" vibes and that makes the guys wonder what you're so happy about. Not you dude! The business card thing was a cute/shy guy approach though.

    I love Costco, I encourage any and all shopping trips there. You know that though! Lately I'm obsessed with the frozen pre made patty turkey burgers, I make a batch for the week and have easy access to lean protein for dinner without much cooking.

    1. Tracking sucks, and I know plenty of people with the willpower to just make good choices and benefit accordingly. Sadly, I'm not one of them, at least not when coming off a period of time where I've been overindulging on the regular. I usually find that if I track for a month or two I get a really good sense of what I'm taking in and working off, but I do need to buckle down and do it. My Fitness Pal is going to be my new BFF starting today...

      I did think the same thing about the guys...I'm happy, people keep telling me how happy I look, and I suppose that's attractive! It's a good random little ego boost on occasion!

      I do love Costco, though I pretty much only think to go there with BF. The one by me is a madhouse at all times, and the one by him is the least crazed one I've ever been to...such an improvement!