Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April Showers

So it is pouring rain outside today.  It has been for the bulk of the day.  I stupidly left my apartment to catch my bus wearing flats, considering only briefly running to switch into my rain boots.  I decided I was running too late and figured I'd be fine to at least get into the office.

HA.  I came up from the escalator to ground level in DC and it was a straight up deluge of rain.  My pants were soaked by the time I got to work.  It took nearly two hours to get dry.  It continues to pour outside the windows, and I do not look forward to my commute home.  I will at the least be changing into tennis shoes to minimize SOME rain on my feet.

Work last week was crazy busy.  I was super productive as soon as I got that weight off of my shoulders.  I got a ton of work done and cleared off my desk and I felt really good about it.  This week the focus has shifted back to my day to day tasks, and yesterday was essentially a big walking headache.  I managed to survive it, though, and my friend A and I rewarded ourselves by going to Wendy's for dinner.  It was just what the stress doctor ordered.  ;-)

I had a really good weekend.  Possibly one of the best I've had yet with Bluefish.  I went out his way Friday night after work.  We had eaten dinner separately since I don't get out there until 8 or so, so we went and shared a red velvet concrete for dessert before going to see "Oculus".  I love a good scary movie, and I enjoyed this one.  He was mostly indulging me, but it all balances out!

Saturday we had a bit of a lazy morning, and then headed to brunch.  We got to eat outside since the weather was so gorgeous, and it was such a nice change after the neverending winter.  After brunch we ran several random errands.  We stopped for groceries after in order to procure food for grilling that night.  We spent the evening outside on BF's deck, enjoying the lovely weather, listening to a NASCAR race (told you, balance!) and eating chicken and steak kabobs with corn on the cob.

Sunday BF made pancakes for breakfast, which was sweet.  We then went miniature golfing (I won!) and to Costco, because we are glamorous like that.  We spent the afternoon sitting outside on the deck again, listening to the Nats baseball game and then grilling hot dogs for dinner.  I finally packed it up and headed home after we ate, as it was a long drive home.

By the time I got home I had a raging migraine, probably a combination of allergies and hormones.  I spent the rest of the night feeling pretty miserable, finally falling asleep around 11 pm thanks to a cocktail of meds designed to knock me out.

So this week BF is spending Wednesday through Friday in Williamsburg with his daughter, mother, sister, brother in law and nephew.  They are all coming back to his place Friday to stay until Tuesday.  The current plan is to go to the zoo on Saturday, and do Easter dinner Sunday.  I'm invited to both events.  :-o

It's a good thing, I guess.  I'm a bit nervous, but it will be what it will be, I guess!  No idea where BF and I are headed in general.  We had a big talk last Wednesday night and cleared the air on a lot of issues that had been lingering between us, mostly just communication issues.  I think it was a necessary discussion, though it was three hours of fun (sensing my sarcasm here?).  :-)  Anyway, we managed to have a really good weekend after, so I guess that's a good sign!

We also have a short weekend getaway planned for May 3-5.  We got a cute, modern cabin in the Shenandoah Valley near Luray for a couple of nights.  It has a hot tub, an outdoor fire pit, pretty views.  I'm excited to get out of the DC Metro for a couple of days and see how we fare!

Anyway, that's my latest, long-winded update.  Thanks for plodding along through that novel!


  1. Dang girl, sounds like you caught a good one! Quite envious. Although I guess I don't have to deal with winter, like ever, so at least I have that!

    1. He's all right. ;-) Yes, you're lucky to have the nicer weather, but I do admit that I need all four of my seasons!

  2. Good you cleared up your communication issues, whatever they were. I find those talks SO VERY UNCOMFORTABLE but they are necessary. And he seems like a future-thinking guy, which is fabulous, at least based on how you've described him here!

    1. I was NOT looking forward to it, and there were definitely some uncomfortable moments, but I know we needed to do it. I think we are much better for it. :-)