Monday, January 20, 2014


For my own sake as much as letting you all in a tiny bit on what I have here, this post is basically just snippets of conversations we've had just since our third date.  Nevermind that after our second date, when discussing plans for our third, he told me that, "The first thing I'm going to do is kiss you, because I already miss kissing you.  After that, I don't care, we can just get dinner somewhere, it doesn't matter."  And he did, and we did.  :-)

After our third date:
"I had a great time with you as usual.  It never matters what we are doing, I always enjoy it.  I can't wait to see you on Monday."  Got that before I even got home that night. 

"Those interesting things are what makes you so awesome." (Day after third date)

"Maybe you just bring out the interesting in me." (Day after third date)

In a conversation about me having bought new throw pillows, in the context of a running joke we had about my NY's Eve plans with my gf, A, and the ongoing dream of men that anytime two women are together we are in our underwear pillow fighting.  It segued into me talking about how I don't really have sleepovers so often, and he joked that I could find someone on CL to have one with.  I said yeah, since I can't find a real life volunteer, and he responded, "Yeah, it's not like you have someone you're dating who wants to hit you with a pillow."

Me: I'd rather kiss you than hit you with a pillow.
Him: Aww, please do.
Me: In two days I'll take care of that.
Him: I can't wait to see you again.  You just gave me a huge smile. 
Me: It's good to have something like you to look forward to.  :-)
Him: When I left work yesterday I was thinking to myself that I can't believe I'm looking forward to Monday.

Another time yesterday I told him he had good taste, and he said, "It seems that way recently."  I joked that flattery would get him everywhere, and he said that he seems to have it coming out of his ears around me.  I said, "Even better?  It feels sincere."  He said, "It is sincere, trust me.  You don't use condiments and you turn your meat into hockey pucks (because I got a well done burger on date #3).  I don't know where it's coming from, LOL."

Last night: "We don't have anything in common but making out.  Oh, and somehow being able to have a nonstop conversation."

When we were talking late-ish tonight and he was already in bed, I told him it's okay if he goes to sleep, as he has to work tomorrow.  He said  "I want to talk to you as long as possible :-)." 


It is so stupidly, amazingly, beautifully refreshing to have something like this right now.  I don't come home from my dates and have to decode anything he said.  I don't have to translate, or hypothesize, or wonder if he likes me, or what he meant by this or that, or why his words don't match his actions.  I don't have to debate about when it's okay to text him, or what it's okay to say, and I don't have to wait around wondering if I'm going to see him again.  We've talked about additional dates each time we've gone out basically, and after the third one I already had two more on the books.  We make comments about "adding it to the list" for things we want to do, or movies to watch together.  He mentioned making bread with his daughter this weekend, and I noted how I missed homemade bread, and he instantly offered to make more for me next weekend.

WTF, mate?  I am dating someone (God help me, I just said I'm dating him, not just going on dates with him, and YES, there's a difference in my head, LOL) who tells me that he likes me, tells me that he is excited to see me, makes timely plans to see me again, and with whom I feel like I am truly on the same page at this point.  It's a TWENTY FOURTEEN MIRACLE!

I know it's not bulletproof.  I know it's only been three dates.  I know all the warnings and cautions and be carefuls, and they are still in here.  But they are trailing at the bottom right now, being overwritten by excited butterflies, and a deep, warm want to kiss this person again, and to feel my hand entwined with his again.  He makes me laugh multiple times every day, he encourages me when I'm feeling tired, migraine-y, stressed, or when I'm on the elliptical and not feeling it.  He tells me I'm beautiful and it feels sincere and true, and I feel on my game and dynamic and sparkling when I'm with him, or talking to him, or thinking about him.

Three dates.  Date #4 tomorrow night and I can't wait to see him again.  There it goes...that little swirl of anticipation in my stomach, that involuntary smile, that flush in my cheeks.  I love this feeling.


  1. YEA! That is all I keep thinking readit your blog this morning! YEA!

    1. That's what I think everytime I read it, think about it, or write about it. :-D

  2. Those cautions should stay at the bottom, they have no reason to surge upwards right now. This guy is doing all the things that a man that is interested in you should be doing! Not having to question yourself on contacting him, or hell, even playing the contact game is a big fucking deal nowadays! Sounds like a good one! Perhaps you are spot on about your even numbered years.

    1. You're so right, and it's something I'm loving. It is such a huge gift to just have something like this in my life right now, and I am loving it. :-)

      I do hope my even numbered years theory is proving to be true! I really did have a good feeling about 2014. :-D

  3. Sounds like a perfect start. I cannot wait to read more, hear details and cheer this on!

  4. This post makes me so happy for you! I've been waiting to hear from you in awhile and what great news you have shared! So so excited!!!

    1. I think I just needed to get to the right place where I felt ready to say it all "out loud" so to speak. It felt so good to talk about it!

  5. YAY to all of this.

    It's a huge leap from saying "going on dates with" to "dating" - I can barely ever bring myself to say it :)

    It's amazingly refreshing that you feel like you don't have to analyze or decode anything after a date with him.... I think a lot of women (especially neurotic ones like me) would love to be in a dating situation like that!