Tuesday, January 21, 2014


4th date tonight.  He got there early, his strange 7-3:30 hours working in our favor on my day off.  I had him with me by 4pm, and it was so nice.  We chatted, kissed, relaxed for awhile, finally heading to Old Town for dinner around 6pm.  We walked around, saw the waterfront, meandered Old Town a bit hand in hand, huddled together against the chilly wind, and then had dinner.  I spilled my diet coke, it was so fitting!  Back at my place we just hung out until 11:15pm.  There was a lot of kissing.  I write this to you all with lips sore from the awesomeness of incessant kissing.  Things remained PG-13, which was an impressive feat this evening.

I texted him a bit after he left.  I thanked him for another great evening, and told him I loved having him here with me tonight.

His response?  "Anytime, of course.  I always have so much fun with you.  I feel very lucky to have met you."

We laugh so much.  I continue to feel like the best, most sparkling version of myself when I'm with him.  Even when I have an awkward moment, or say something nerdy, I don't feel embarrassed.  I didn't panic when I spilled the Diet Coke.  I just knew it was okay.

While he was here I told him I felt like I had to soak up as much of him as I can and he agreed.  We were both reveling in the fact that for him, he normally "gets tired of people quickly" and I "feel smothered very easily".  We noted that the distance probably is helping that early on, and he said, "But when we do see each other it means more."  Sigh.

He just got home and texted me that he's already missing me, and can't wait to see me Saturday.

This is so foreign to me.  Normally this panics me.  Normally this freaks me out, makes me feel smothered and stuck and cornered.  But from him?  In this?  It gives me more and more happy butterflies and I can't wait to see his house, and his city, and know where he is when we're apart and talking, to have a visual.  I want to learn more and more about him, and to have him learn more and more about me.  This is all just so damn exciting, and I LOVE IT.


  1. Not sure how you guys are going to make it to Saturday, but this all sounds good, and most importantly: finally!

  2. I just smiled all the way through this. I love it!!!!

  3. I'm just impressed you were outside during the snow/polar vortex!! But this is really exciting, I love reading your posts about your dates... it gives me hope. ;)

    1. I've had a couple of friends tell me the same thing! I'm glad to be the one sparking hope for once. :-)

  4. It's only smothering and uncomfortable if you don't like the guy. If you like him, all the texts and declarations of liking you are THE BEST!