Wednesday, November 20, 2013

long (for me) hair, I care

No normal person would look at my hair and say it's long, but it feels long to me.  I've been getting all kinds of compliments on it since I've been growing it out a bit (I'm working an A-line cut, though it's harder to tell unless it's straight).  In addition, I'm saving money because I'm not really getting stand-alone blowouts anymore because at it's longer length, it just doesn't look as cute that way far.  It's a bummer because when it was shorter and blown out I felt incredibly chic and polished and beautiful.  Now with it longer the only way it looks cute is if I curl my curls, and that's cute, not chic/polished/beautiful.  My curls as they are are simply too flat, too disorganized, too messy.  I'm a little frustrated, but I don't know that there's much to do about it.  It looks better curly when it's longer, better straight when it's shorter.  First world problems.

In other assorted news:

A big, awful rat ran in front of me the other night when I was walking across the parking lot to my gym.  Gross. 

My Chiefs lost on Sunday to the Broncos, so my good luck streak courtesy of my Chiefs red nails has ended.  Maybe now I won't feel so constrained to keep them red ALL the time in order to keep the Chiefs on a winning path.  Got a nice pretty pink color on them last night. I've become a huge fan of the Revlon Colorstay line.  It's a base coat, color polish and top coat set that lasts much longer than regular nail polish on me, and has the look of a gel manicure, or so I've been told. 

Took Monday-Wednesday off next week, so as of 5pm Friday, I'm free for 9 days!  I'll be in Omaha Tuesday-Friday, but I have time at both ends to just hang out here.  So excited!

Currently obsessed with Andrew Belle's album, "Black Bear".  Discovered him last week when looking for something to do on Friday night, bought the album Friday morning.  Saw him in concert at a small local venue that evening with friends and he put on an amazing show.  Fantastic album, and I can't get enough of "Pieces", "Dark Matter" and several others! 

No big plans on tap for this week.  Just picking up some pants from the tailor (had to get a hem fixed), returning an erroneously purchased movie ticket (since they won't just credit over the phone), going to the gym, the trainer, etc.  Friday night I'm going to see "Catching Fire" with the movie meetup group I'm a part of, so that should be a good time.  Can't wait for that movie!

Nothing to discuss on the dating front.  Just going through the conveyor belt of options and not finding much noteworthy, and refusing to get any kind of amped up for any of the decent ones.  I've closed a lot of doors on a lot of unworthy people lately, and it's good overall, but still sad.  I've invested so much time and emotional energy into these people, at varying levels, and with varying returns.  But the bottom line is that they take more than they give, and it's not worth it anymore.  I've scissored them out of my world, and I hope they stay there, because it was hard to do in the first place.

Next week at this time I'll be in Omaha.  No work on the horizon for several days.  Just me, my family, my friends, everyone's new pets (brother got a bulldog, mom got a new adult cat).  I'll get to sleep in if I want.  Eat good food.  Get my workouts in to make up for the good food.  Get out of DC for a bit. 

I'm looking forward to all of it!


  1. Perhaps a volumizing cream for the hair? I use manic panic volume cream, I like it. It could help with the curls.

    There is nothing good dating wise, it's really irritating.

  2. My hair too looks better curly when my hair is long... but it's hard to get the curls going when my hair is long. Do you tease your hair? I think I should learn, any time I've had my hair professionally done, they add volume and it looks amazing, but I haven't been able to recreate it.