Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today has been a huge blur of pain and sleep.  Damn migraine basically ate up the day.  I spent twenty minutes sitting in a hot shower, letting the water beat down on my sore neck, my old standby indicator of a migraine to come, and the gift that keeps on giving for the duration of the headache.  I took one of my pills, didn't work, tried hydrating with water, didn't work.  Forced myself to eat, took more meds, icepacks, sleeping off and on.  Somewhere along the line I woke up and felt somewhat better.  Now I just have that migraine hangover.  My body is tired, my eyes are tired.  I'm in bed, going to sleep again soon.

I am SO overdue for acupuncture, and I'm so glad I have my first appt. back tomorrow.  I swear I've had more and they've been worse since my financially induced lapse in acupuncture began.  Glad I'm back on track.  I also have an appt. for a physical tomorrow morning, and my semi annual chick Dr. appt. wednesday.  SO MUCH FUN to be had.  Glad to be insured again, though.

Sigh.  My body is so, so tired. 

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