Wednesday, February 8, 2017


The current state of US affairs has led me to feel a constant desire to escape.  However, I also feel compelled to stay informed, sometimes against my better judgment.  Last night I listened to the immigration ban hearing, watched Anderson Cooper discussing more of the day's events and then watched the Bernie Sanders/Ted Cruz debate about the ACA.  I feel like I'm constantly on Twitter reading the feeds of various politicians I follow, the reactions of others around me, and otherwise trying to stay in the loop.

All I really want to do is watch mindless TV, or read, or just close my eyes and pretend the world is a better place than it feels right now.  I keep buying Kindle books, but I'm way behind on reading them. My focus just feels scattered, even though the one I'm reading now is actually pretty good. I was going to read last night in bed, but the room was kind of chilly even though it was 71 yesterday!  I took my little Kindle Paperwhite under the covers, considering trying to prop it up under there to read without having to expose my arms to the chill beyond the covers.  Instead, the Kindle fell face forward and smacked into my lip.  Yeah, I got a fat lip and a cut from my Kindle!  I've been betrayed! ;-)  

Luckily, it only bled a little bit before bed, and while it's sore today and I can feel a small bump, it is not something that is noticeable otherwise unless you're up close enough to see the cut through my lipstick (Yes, I'm still wearing lipstick, ha!).  This is my life, folks!  :-)

I'm glad that it's wednesday, though I wish it were thursday.  I am really looking forward to the weekend, as we are taking a mini escape trip to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, which is only about an hour from us.  We rented a cute little house and I'm leaving at 2 pm on Friday that hopefully we can get J, get home, feed the cats, get our stuff and get to the house by 7.  We'll probably grab dinner out that night and then come back to relax.  The house has a fireplace and a hot tub, so that will be nice!  

I'm hoping to get some good reading time in front of the fireplace, some nice hot tub time, and a bit of exploration Saturday afternoon of somewhere close, but new.  We'll head back Sunday morning upon checkout time, so it's a short, but hopefully sweet trip.

Books, just for sharing and record keeping purposes:

Currently reading: "Listen to Me" by Hannah Pittard - It's a fairly creepy book, which I love.  Author creates a great atmosphere, very spooky and mysterious.

Books on my Kindle that I have yet to read:

The Impossible Fortress-Jason Rekulak
The River at Night - Erica Ferencik
More Happy Than Not - Adam Silvera
The Fragile World - Paula Treick DeBoard
The Twilight Wife - A.J. Banner
Scrappy Little Nobody - Anna Kendrick
Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins - Kathy Griffin
The Kept Woman - Karin Slaughter
The Last Anniversary - Liane Moriarty
Leave Me - Gayle Forman
Our Chemical Hearts - Krystal Sutherland
All the Missing Girls - Megan Miranda
Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty
History is All You Left  Me - Adam Silvera

This doesn't include the probably dozen real books I have at home waiting to be read also.  :-o  Looks like I better buckle down soon and focus more on reading than on the garbage TV, LOL.  Some of these are obviously pretty light hearted reads, anyway.  :-)  My current goal is to finish "Listen to Me" by Friday so that I can start a new book for the weekend.  We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, that's all I know for now.  If you need me, I'll be here, waiting for Friday and my escape from reality!


  1. Attacked by your Kindle, eh? booo! :-)

    I love my Kindle Paperwhite as well although, being a cheapskate, I rarely pay for any of my Kindle ebooks. I prefer to download them free from various free kindle ebook sites (including Amazon) that I know of. I'm sure if you Google "free ebooks" then you'll find some. Sometimes there are free ebooks that are not in mobi (ie., Kindle) file format. That's not a problem as there's free ebook file conversion software that can be used to convert other file types (egs, doc, epub, etc to mobi). Again, just Google "ebook file convert" to find out which sites to use. Happy reading!

    1. Yes, attacked by my Kindle. Go figure! :) I used to try to find free Kindle books, but they were often not anything I was looking to read. I don't mind buying my Kindle books, as I can often loan them to my mom after I'm done, and sometimes I re-read them. Maybe someday I'll check it out again, though, as it's been at least a couple of years since I checked! Thanks for the reminder/heads up. Worth looking!

  2. If you have a library card and your library participates you can also get free Kindle and audible books that way.

    1. Yes, I've looked into it before. However, I'm a very moody reader, and I go through phases where I read a ton and phases where I hardly read. I don't like knowing that I have to read a certain book within a set timeframe and when I used to try, I failed often! I'm OK with buying my books. :)

  3. I love my Paperwhite too, I can't believe it attacked you! Like Rob's comment above, I never buy Kindle books, just download them from the library and sometimes turn my Kindle to airplane mode so they stay longer :) I also recommend signing up for Book Bub's daily deals, usually have books in the $1.99-$2.99 though they aren't always the finest of literature.

    From your list, I've read The Last Anniversary and Truly Madly Guilty (I love that author!). I enjoyed The Last Anniversary, but thought TMG wasn't her best work. All The Missing Girls is on my list.

    Enjoy your weekend getaway!

    1. I'm a weirdo, I like buying mine. I like to have them to loan (sometimes you can do that), to read again and to read on my own schedule. :) I'm not super excited about the Liane Moriarty books, though I enjoy her when I do read her. If I recall correctly, those were super cheap deals, which is why I grabbed them! :)

      One day closer to my weekend!!!

  4. I like buying physical books and feel like I read them faster when I am able to hold them, or maybe the experience is better, I don't know. I love my old classic Kindle for the convenience of having so many books in a small device, so awesome. I think I have just two on your list on my Kindle right now: The Kept Woman and All The Missing Girls. I have also come across Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough that I saw at Costco, (I love perusing their book selection, great prices too), that I found interesting, but forced myself to put it back because I have so many other books to read.

    I haven't used a library e-service yet, but do like to check out library books, I just reserved Swing Time, and a book about Whole 30, which I'm not sure I want to do yet... Figured renting a book for free to read up on it is better than spending $20 and not doing it. I have used the Amazon lending library and I like that, and Prime has "Prime First" books where you get to pick a free book out of 6 every month. Pretty neat, not sure they are books I would normally read, but it's free, so I'll at least try.

    Trying to stay out of newstories because I get too mad and dwell in a doom and gloom place. It sucks to just ignore it, but sometimes you gotta, for self care and all that.