Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I haven't updated in ages, and I do apologize.  Sabrina over at The Perils of Urban Courtship pinged me to check in since it had been so long, which made me feel both really loved and really guilty.  :-p The fact of the matter is that they did some rejiggering to the security of our work computers and it's made updating more challenging.  But I'm here and I want to update on the state of all things during my triumphant return!

First of all, I can't believe it's already Halloween! Somehow we're already on the last day of my favorite month of the year.  Time has really flown.  The last time I posted I was just gearing up for my OBX vacation, aka my favorite week of the year.  It's hard to acknowledge that it's been almost two months since I left for that trip!

OBX was wonderful.  Our rental house was fantastic and definitely my favorite thusfar.  We came into town on a Saturday, which was also the same day a hurricane was making it's quick pass through the OBX. Aside from some brief bridge closures and some crazy wind, our trip into town was fairly uneventful.  The weather that day was quite a mess, but I admit I loved it.  Gusty winds, rain, and just a general sense of storminess in the air.

The beaches were red flagged until Wednesday, but we still went each day to at least wade in the water.  We ate Duck Donuts, grilled, tried new restaurants, spent lots of beach time, pool time, hot tub time.  I read, we went to all the cute little shops, we went on a really fun ghost tour in Manteo.  It was the perfect escape from reality.

Things with BF are good!  We're coasting on towards the three year mark, which will be on January 3rd.  This is the third Halloween we've spent together, and I do love the traditions we're establishing. We managed to get to Markoff's Haunted Forest this year along with J and it was such fun introducing them to this activity I love.  We've watched a couple of scary movies and this weekend we carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds!  Tonight we'll circle around the fire pit in the driveway to hand out candy.  We're also roasting turkey hot dogs over the fire for dinner and have s'more stuff for dessert, if we don't OD on candy.  ;-)

On Friday my office had our annual Halloween Hullaballoo, which is our event for employees to bring their kids to trick or treat around the office.  It ends with pizza, cake pops and general merriment.  :-)  It was a fun afternoon!

That night BF and I went to a 90's cover band Halloween Party at a local venue.  We dressed up as Mario and Luigi and were a big hit, LOL.  I hadn't dressed up in years so it was good to indulge the silly!

BF's mom was supposed to visit two weeks ago, but unfortunately her father had been very ill and went into hospice a few days prior to her scheduled departure.  He passed away only three days later. We drove to Myrtle Beach on a Friday afternoon and returned Sunday afternoon, so it was about 16 hours in the car, but I'm glad we made it to the memorial service.  I met a lot of BF's extended family and I'm glad we got to see his Mom, even if it wasn't as planned.  We're hoping to reschedule her visit for December as we were all really looking forward to it.

My grandfather's house finally sold last week.  It had been on the market since June and was struggling to get serious looks since it didn't have a basement, which is problematic in Nebraska.  Also, they were selling it as-is, so that hurt it, too.  They dropped the price a few times, and finally got a cash offer last week.  The deal was signed and finalized very quickly, and now they have until November 8th to get the remainder of the things out of the house for sale.  The final sale price was exactly what my grandfather said the house was worth, so I feel good that we got that much out of it. Probate has been on hold for the sale, so hopefully once that's done the probate situation can wrap up, too.

It's a tricky situation because it will be a huge weight off of everyone's shoulders to have the house sold, but it's still emotionally sad.  I won't ever be in that house again, which is weird to realize.

I booked my ticket home for Christmas.  I will again be going solo because a) Christmas tix are insanely expensive and b) BF wants to be home to spend Christmas with his daughter.  He doesn't have her on Christmas itself this year, but they will either celebrate before or after.  I definitely knew I needed to go home again this year even though part of me is dreading it.  This will be the first time we've not celebrated Christmas at my grandfather's house in my life.  I'm guessing my brother will host, but I know it will be weird and sad and all of that.  I just want to get it over with!  Hopefully next year my family can come out to us or some variation.  I told my mom and BF that from here on out after this year I will be spending Christmas with BF, whether that means destination Christmas with the families or alternating holidays.  Everyone agreed.

I can't think of anything else much that's going on.  I think I've covered all the highlights.  :-)  I hope everyone has a wonderful and spooky Halloween!  I'll try to come back again for an update before another two months pass.  ;-)


  1. Haha, I couldn't help myself. Flying over the holidays is so expensive! My family doesn't celebrate them really so I can go at off times, but it stinks for people - especially if you want to fly a whole family. I think it's wise to set the boundary that you are spending Christmas with BF from here on out, and that means you'll have to make adjustments in the travel!

    1. It really is such an exercise in price-gauging by the airlines. I spend so much every year to fly to Omaha! Luckily, everyone agreed that after this year things can change in terms of celebration expectations.

  2. We bought tickets to go to San Diego for the holidays in July, so, it wasn't too bad. I'm super type A about planning those things because of the increased cost as it starts to get towards that time of the year. Much better to say you will be home with BF for the holidays and maybe visit during a more non expensive time of the year!

    1. I believe I bought my tix in August, which is my usual ideal buy time. I've found that for Omaha, there's never a good time to buy tix for December. :) On the upside, it was slightly cheaper this year than the last couple of years. Still ridiculous, but I'll take it.

      My mom says she'll be OK with switching things up next year, but I know it will not be easy unless we find a way to still all celebrate together on Christmas, ie them visiting us. She's a creature of habit!