Monday, November 9, 2015

Frost on the Window

In a very unwelcome turn of events, our nearly 80 degree weather on Saturday has now turned into a 30 degree morning with frost on the grass!  Brr.  I've really been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but I knew it was going to be short-lived.  One of these days soon we're going to turn a corner into permanent cold weather for the season!

On the upside, this week marks the beginning of a handful of short work weeks for me.  We're leaving for our road trip to Charleston at the crack of dawn on Friday and returning Monday afternoon.  Thusly, I have a four day work week this week and a four day work week next week.  I also will only have a half day on the 19th because I have a few appts. that morning and will be in late. The week after that is Thanksgiving, which means a three day work week!

While I'm dreading the car trip to Charleston, I'm looking forward to the escape from DC.  We're going to see BF's family, which includes his mom, sister, brother in law, nephew, their two dogs and cat....and they all live in one house!  It's a chaotic place to be, LOL.  Hopefully the weather there will be nicer and we'll find something fun to do.  We leave Monday morning, which we'll probably be quite ready for.  ;-)  We won't know until tomorrow if J is coming with us since it will entail missing two days of school.  She's checking with her teachers to see if it is workable and will be letting us know.

Tonight I'm going to work out with a new to me trainer at my gym.  I got a 6 session training package that results in one session a week.  I'm hoping he can help me get back on track fitness wise.  I'm looking forward to it regardless!  I've done a lot better in the last week on eating much less sugar and making better overall choices.  Weekend was more challenging, but I definitely did better than usual and those small lifestyle changes (ie turkey pepperoni vs. regular, whole grain sandwich thin vs. wheat bread) are the ones that stick!

I already have been planning ahead for our weekend trip by getting some snacks to bring with me.  I can't account for meals there until I arrive, but I know that having healthy snacks on hand for both the drive and the stay is important for me!  Hopefully I can make some decent choices for our meals there and get out for a walk or something in lieu of the gym.

I can't believe it is November, and that Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away and most significantly, that Christmas is shortly thereafter!  I guess I need to start planning for Christmas gifts and all things related soon.  Craziness.

Before I close out this post, I want to take note that I did have a nice weekend! It was a full J weekend, but we really didn't do anything of note!  I caught up on some TV via DVR Saturday and Sunday morning, I went to the gym and we watched Michigan State v. Nebraska football Saturday night, which ended very controversially and left this Nebraska fan feeling a little torn and sad for my MSU fan boyfriend. Sunday we watched the Skins lose to the Pats (shocker) and I also managed to get to Kohls to use some Kohls cash and a coupon.  Got a couple of clearance shirts and some black jeggings (god help me) LOL.  I'd been needing some black pants that worked better with boots and these are actually perfect for my needs!

There's a new DSW opening up out by me (well, closer than all the other ones) next weekend, which I'm pretty excited about.  I really would like to find some flat black booties at some point, but who knows when that will be.  This is the time of year when things start getting really busy!  Plus, must start setting aside money for Christmas gifts and Christmas party hair appointments and the like.  Ha!


  1. I enjoyed your use of the word "thusly"!
    I was in shock when I had to scrape frost off my car this morning!!! Ahhh. I know it's coming but I'm still not ready for winter. That 80 degrees last week was HEAVEn! And such a tease. I've never been to Charleston but it's supposed to be lovely!! Have fun!

    1. Ha, thanks! I like rotating in an interesting word when I can swing it!

      I totally agree, last week's weather was incredible. Very challenging to transition back to more seasonable weather, and today is just gloomy!

      Charleston was very pretty the first time we went, so I'm hoping to get more chances to explore it this time. :-)

  2. Healthy snacks are key. I know as soon as I get in the car for a road trip I want Chex mix and peanut M&Ms! Not healthy ;)

  3. Hope you have fun in Charleston! Last I heard it was still beach weather there. :) Also, I'm glad you're not jaded from the old trainer being flaky and are taking a chance on a new one. You'll have to let us know how that goes!