Friday, June 5, 2015

Lovely June Days

I cannot believe it's already June!  I've been out of school for years and years, but it constantly amazes me how quickly time passes when you don't have set points in a school year to break things up.  Regular adult life is comprised of so much routine and sameness that it's easy for a month or a season to pass without you realizing it!

The Lancaster trip was a good time.  :-)  It was a mini trip for sure, but I think we packed a lot in! We did some miniature golfing, we went to the Strasburg Railroad and took a 45 minute steam engine train ride through the Amish countryside.  We had lunch at a place with Amish cuisine and took a tour of an old Amish Farm House, which also had some grounds that held the CUTEST baby goats ever.  We wrapped up the night at a Lancaster Barnstormers baseball game, which I really enjoyed.

A few pictures:

Strasburg Railroad

Gorgeous countryside

My new BFFs, the baby goats!

Baseball game-gorgeous weather!

The work week has been incredibly slow moving.  :-/  I have a couple of meetings this afternoon, but other than that just a regular old Friday.  We got a new quilt for the bedroom at home.  BF previously had a plain black comforter on the bed along with gray sheets.  Thrilling, right?  In addition to it being BORING, it was getting too heavy for the season, so I upgraded us to a really cute patterned quilt.  It's a gray color palette, but it's much nicer looking overall and much lighter-weight.  BF is lucky I'm not into uber-girly things like floral patterns and the like.  :-D

No big weekend plans on tap.  Tonight will just be relaxing at home with BF and J, maybe watching a movie.  Tomorrow we have the usual day of erranding on tap.  I need to get to DSW to find some new gym shoes, and then we have much less exciting stops to make at places like Lowe's for new blinds.  Thriller! It's J's half weekend with us, so she'll get picked up at 6pm on Saturday.  We don't have any plans right now for the evening.  It may depend on the weather!  We've had the dreariest, most drizzly and gray week of weather.  It's been unseasonably cool as well.  Hopefully this weekend we'll get some better weather!

The rest of June should start to get a little busier, though.  It includes a brunch with girlfriends, possibly attending a Battle of the Law Firm Bands for my firm at a local club, my Firm's annual picnic at the Zoo, Father's Day for BF with J, hopefully another Nats game and birthday festivities, which right now just include taking my b-day off since it falls on a Wednesday and a happy hour the friday of that week to celebrate.  :-)  I'm looking forward to all of it!  But in the meantime, I'll settle for nicer weather, a relaxing weekend and some shoe shopping.  :-)

Happy (almost) weekend!


  1. This weather has been so bad. And this week has been SOOOOOO slow!

    Yeah, RJ's sheets and comforter were 2 different shades of brown. I think black and gray would have been a step up! I do feel bad for him because my bed is ultra girls. Pink and green and flowers! ha. We did register for less girly bedding, but for now he is stuck in girl land! Although, I don't even think he notices!

    1. Brown bedding, LOL. Only men! :-)

  2. Even though I grew up in PA I never visited Lancaster! Weird I know! Baby goats!! I've seen videos all over the internet of them lately. Ha. Yeah weather has pretty much blown the past few days but it's June! So I know that means many sunny skies ahead. Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. The baby goats were so ridiculously adorable!

  3. I love love baby goats! And if you want a laugh, youtube "goats yelling like humans." I've never spent any time in Amish country but looks like a cute little getaway.

    Neutral bedding can be good, you can always jazz it up with pillows or a quilt!

    1. I actually am loving the new quilt and it's reversible to boot. :-) I'm pretty lucky, BF was not a horrible decorator prior to my arrival. He had a good base to work with and we've mostly just spruced small details here and there!