Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two Months

So Monday marked two months since my first date with Bluefish.  :-)  I love that he's just as aware of these little milestones as I am.  We were talking about it yesterday (on yet another snow day here in DC!) and I commented that they'd been two really, really good months, and he added, "Two GREAT months".

I spent two full nights with him this weekend, which was another milestone of sorts.  Our opportunities to do that will be very, very rare, so we took advantage since we had the chance.  Friday night he picked me up from the Metro stop out by his daughter's school.  We grabbed some dinner before going to see her musical. The show was AWESOME.  It was so fun, so entertaining and actually really good.  BF's daughter, J, did such a great job in her first show.  She had three different smaller roles, but she rocked them.  She is not shy at all, she is such a performer!

After the show we found her in the crowd and I gave her a cute little bouquet of flowers I'd picked up for the occasion, BF gave her a sandwich from her favorite sub place.  ;-)  I think he did the knowing dad thing, I did the appropriate GF thing, and together we covered all bases.  One of my favorite moments of the night was toward the end of the show when J and some others ran right in front of our (FRONT ROW :-o) seats. She looked right at me and gave me the biggest smile.  :-)

We dropped her off at her mom's house after the show after waiting for her cast party to wrap up.  She wanted to know what our favorite parts were, what we thought, who we thought did well.  She was very excited to get our thoughts.  After that we went back to my place and I'll be honest, we crashed pretty early! It was a long day.

Saturday we got brunch, then BF headed home.  I went to the gym, ran a couple errands and then headed out to his place.  We watched some "True Detective", went out for dinner, and made some precut cookies for dessert.  I have really come to love his townhouse and I'm starting to feel super comfortable there.  It's so much space, and it's so clean and organized and nice.

Sunday we went to see "Non-Stop" at the movies before coming back to relax briefly.  I headed home about 3pm because I had plans with my girlfriend, A to eat pizza and watch the Oscars. That plan was a raging success and I ate a lot of delicious pizza that hit the spot and perused all the Oscar fashions.

So things are good.  Two months down! One other plus of this weekend is that I got to learn a fair amount of new information about BF's history, in particular with relationships.  His last couple real ones didn't exceed the one year mark, so I was teasing him that it was good to know when our endpoint would be.  He was quick to say that he hoped we would beat that benchmark, and we both agreed that so far we'd been pattern breakers for each other!  He usually dislikes sharing a bed with someone, I feel smothered easily, he gets tired of people easily.  So far, so good, we're avoiding all of those, and he sleeps really well next to me.  :-)

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